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Acxion Diet pills review- Reviewing best mexican weight loss pills, where to buy – Acxion fentermina 30mg, Redotex, Phenemine


Best Acxion/Mexican diet pills alternatives: PhenQ. Out of the many diet pills on the market, Acxion is one of the names that appear frequently. This prescription diet pill featuring phentermine as its main ingredient is essentially designed to aid weight loss in medically obese individuals who are looking for a diet pill to suppress their appetite and prevent overeating. However, it is available only through a prescription, even if you are trying to buy online. Currently, we recommend PhenQ as over the counter Acxion/Mexican diet pills alternative. Read full list of otc Acxion & Mexican diet pills alternatives. (Para la version en espanol – PhenQ pastillas de dieta)

If any online pharmacy sells Acxion without prescription, that’s outright illegal. However, some telemedicine services might be offering Acxion prescriptions through online video consultations. We recommend and Check out full list where to buy Acxion & Mexican diet pills.

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Introduction- What exactly is the Acxion diet pill and why this Mexican product is famous?

Reportedly manufactured in Germany by the company “Chemische Fabrik Berg”, the Acxion prescription pills are exported to Mexico. It is basically the Mexican version of the substance phentermine, produced by IFA Celtics, a Mexican pharmaceutical company. We can also call it European version, since it’s manufactured in Europe.

It is crucial to remember that Acxion is not a fast solution for weight loss. Anyone on Acxion is still advised to make different sorts of lifestyle adjustments, such as sticking to a regular exercise schedule, improving their dietary choices, and avoiding binging on too many extra calories, fats, and carbohydrates.

Additionally, Acxion fentermina 30 mg should only be used for a short time-say, 12 weeks-and not permanently.

The Acxion prescription diet pill features phentermine as its main active ingredient. This substance is popular among different types of diet pills like Qsymia, Adipex-P, Lomaira, Suprenza etc. due to its ability to decrease food cravings, suppress hunger, and subsequently, lead to weight loss.

It’s worthy of mentioning that in contrast to other diet pills, Acxion depends on phentermine as its main star ingredient. The Journal of the American Medical Association points out that many other diet pills like to blend phentermine with other ingredients such as topiramate to enhance the long-term weight loss effect, which is not the case with Acxion.

The choice of amphetamine or super stimulant like phentermine should also take into account any possible adverse impacts, according to the Korean Journal of Family Medicine.

Do I need a prescription to buy Acxion from online Mexican pharmacies?

You need a prescription from a licensed doctor to take it because it is not an over-the-counter medication. But if you still get it & use it without prescription, there’s a chance that it will cause serious health problems. If you don’t have a prescription for Acxion, it’s better to go for natural over the counter alternatives like PhenQ, Burn Lab Pro and Lean Optimizer.

Acxion Ingredients

As we mentioned before, Acxion’s star ingredient is Phentermine (more specifically, phentermine hydrochloride), without extra additions.

Most pharmacies sell Acxion pills in two options according to their strength:

Immediate release tablets (15 mg)

Extended-release tablets (30 mg)

Some pharmacies also sell 6.4mg version. According to the directions on the Acxion package, the user should take 15-37mg every morning, one to two hours after breakfast or before it.

Realistically speaking, it’s much easier for users to get the 15mg dose through one pill but hitting the precise dose of 37 mg might be a tad more difficult.

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What is Phentermine, the active ingredient of Acxion?

There are many diet pills in the market that feature this chemical ingredient, Phentermine, and Acxion is no different.

In 1959, it was introduced to the market for the first time as Fen-Phen (phen phen). According to research in Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety, Fen-Phen was still prohibited in 1997 due to one of its ingredients, fenfluramine.

However, it eventually made its way back onto the market in 2012, this time in a different mix that had received American approval.

But how exactly does Phentermine work in Acxion Mexican diet pills?

In a way, Phentermine’s action is very similar to amphetamines. It’s a chemical stimulant that works on the brain’s neurons, and boosts its neurotransmitter production. When this happens, our central nervous systems can operate more positively, which also plays a role in decreasing hunger and cravings and inducing feelings of satiety.

So, Acxion functions by activating the hypothalamus gland and boosting neurotransmitter production in the brain. When this happens, a person is stimulated, and their sensations of hunger are satisfied, leading to a decreased need for food.

That’s why diet pills, like Acxion, depend on suppressing a person’s hunger and are only prescribed to overweight or obese individuals when other methods of weight loss have been ineffective, such as diet and exercise.

However, while it is wonderful that appetite suppression with Acxion is sorted out, and that exercise and diet are as well, there are other factors that effective weight management supplements tackle that are not resolved with this diet pill. These are reducing stores of fat, accelerating the metabolism rate through thermogenesis, thyroid support or otherwise giving a person, a lift in energy that could help them become more active than they currently are. Some diet pills also target the weight controlling hormones like leptin, ghrelin, serotonin etc.

Acxion might fall short on all these fronts for some people looking to lose weight.

It’s important to mention that The National Institutes of Health advise potential users to be aware that any phentermine-containing medications should not be used with any other medications unless specifically advised to do so by a physician.

How to take Acxion?

The maximum dose of Acxion is around 30 mg per day. Since the Acxion pills come in three doses, you can reach your target dose in various ways:

6.4mg tablets, taken up to three times daily

15mg tablets, taken once or twice daily

30mg tablets, taken once daily in the morning.

Where to buy Acxion & diet pills from Mexico for sale?

Getting your hand on Acxion pills might be slightly difficult since it’s a prescription drug and won’t be hitting the stores’ shelves anytime soon. Not to mention, its cost can be different from one person to another, since it’s a prescription product. Consumers are advised to NOT buy from eBAY, Walmart or Amazon, as those Mexican pills can be counterfeit & dangerous.

An Acxion prescription is not easily accessible in the US. Although Acxion is increasingly being marketed on various internet marketplaces & online pharmacies, getting your Acxion pills that way is considered illegal and its use can be risky. If any online pharmacy sells Acxion without prescription, that’s outright illegal. However, some telemedicine services might be offering Acxion prescriptions through online video consultations.

Get started with your primary care doctor and arrange an appointment to discuss weight. He or she may prescribe the medication him/herself if you are an ideal candidate, or he/she may prefer to refer you to a specialist for additional assessment and follow-up.

Bariatric doctors are doctors that specialize in weight reduction. A weight loss doctor could be more familiar with the research & implications on using phentermine or Acxion for weight loss and, oftentimes, more likely prescribe it.

You may also opt for a weight loss clinic or a telemedicine service, especially if you don’t have insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover weight loss medicines. Some recommended telemedicine service to receive Acxion/phentermine prescriptions are and

According to one retail website for pharmaceuticals, Acxion fentermina 15mg 30tabs cost $63.68, 30mg 30tabs cost $110.00, Acxion AP (extended-release) 30mg 30tabs cost $125.96, and Acxion C (capsules) 30mg 30tabs cost $110.

Nevertheless, doctors commonly prescribe Acxion for people who have a BMI higher than 30. Some physicians also write an Acxion prescription for medical conditions where weight gain can be expected, such as diabetes or hypertension.

Your doctor could advise using the medication for a brief (a few weeks) courses. Acxion is typically given once a day, but your doctor may modify the amount based on how you respond to treatment or how your health is.

Rule of thumb, you should always take the medication as suggested by your doctor, and don’t take any extra. You should speak with your doctor to find out the right course of action if Acxion doesn’t seem to be working for you. Taking more will not make it function better or more quickly.

Phentermine has the potential to disrupt sleep, so you should take it long before bedtime and store it at room temperature.

Acxion Side Effects

Acxion side effects range from mild to severe. In some cases, the adverse effects of Acxion are slight inconveniences like different degrees of dizziness, a mild headache, diarrhea, and sleeping problems due to its stimulant effect.

However, some other side effects are severe and the company states that you should seek medical help if you experience them. These symptoms include a severe throbbing headache, blurring of vision, stomach upset, confusion, and shortness of breath.

Technically speaking, a lot of works of research, including one in the journal “Obesity”, pointed out the fact that using phentermine for a long time doesn’t cause significant harm to the heart or the vascular system. Despite that, doctors are still cautious when prescribing Acxion and like to use it for short periods just to help the user reach a healthy goal weight.

If side effects do happen with Acxion, doctors will usually advise you to split your 30mg dose into 15mg doses, twice daily. It’s also best to space out your Acxion doses, taking one early in the morning and the second after midday. Not only does splitting your Acxion dose lessen its side effects, but it’s also a smart move for those who are trying to fight their late-night food cravings and nighttime binging episodes.

How much weight can I lose on Acxion?

It’s crucial to understand that there’s no direct link between weight loss and Acxion.

All Acxion does is suppress your appetite, so taking it doesn’t necessarily equal weight loss. You lose weight if you eat less and follow a rigorous diet and exercise schedule. Therefore, no professional physician will recommend Acxion alone as a primary tool for weight loss.

Pros & Cons of Acxion

 Pros of Acxion

Since Acxion is a well-known brand, it is easily found in Mexican pharmacies.

Acxion weight loss pills come in the form of a tablet, capsule, and extended-release tablet.

The usual dosages for this particular brand of phentermine are 15 mg (given 1-2 times daily) and 30 mg (taken once per day).


Patients outside of Mexico can’t get their hands on any Acxion as it is exclusively supplied there.

Acxion may have a variety of adverse effects, much like other phentermine weight loss pill brands.

Some online pharmacies might be selling Acxion diet pills illegally without requiring prescription from consumers

Acxion User reviews

–             “After having a baby last year, the doctor prescribed me Acxion for weight loss. I lost 30 pounds so far, and the first 20 pounds came down fast. I’m hoping to get to 190”

–             “I’ve been taking this brand of phentermine from Mexico for ten days, and the appetite and cravings suppressant works excellent. In two weeks, I’ve shed 10 pounds.”

Acxion vs Other Mexican Diet Pills

Mexican diet pills are becoming a big hit between Americans, who either get it locally or cross the border to get it from the source itself. People who want to lose weight on a budget, are now frequently look for less expensive black market alternatives, since prescription diet pills like Contrave are relatively pricey.


Review: In general, when an American mentions the phrase “Mexican diet pills”, there’s a huge chance they’re speaking of brand name Redotex, a weight loss supplement brand that’s only trademarked in Mexico since it’s not FDA-approved and therefore, can’t be sold in the U.S. Redotex diet pills feature a blend of five potent active ingredients: Tri-iodothyronine, atropine, diazepam, aloin, and D-norpseudoephedrine.

Nevertheless, the brand is legal in Mexico so Americans can simply cross the border and find it in local pharmacies and stores. However, that might not be the best idea, and here’s why.

Tri-iodothyronine is a synthetic thyroid hormone that may be useful because weight loss is a common side effect of thyroid therapy.

Diazepam, a benzodiazepine, has a depressant effect that is likely used to balance the stimulant effects of the other components.

Aloin is a laxative, whereas d-norpseudoephedrine is a stimulant. The chemical d-norpseudoephedrine may also work because stimulants are known to promote weight loss as they boost metabolic rate.

On one hand, Redotex may be useful for quick weight loss. However, the risks might outweight the benefits on this one and it might be too risky.

One of the riskiest techniques to cause weight loss is Redotex and there aren’t enough long-term research to support its benefits. Every medical choice should not only look at the possible benefits, but also consider if it’s worth the risk. In case of the Redotex Mexican diet pills, the stakes are too high. Acxion is relatively safer option as compared to Redotex.


Review: Phenemine is an over the counter appetite suppressant, which boasts of being 100% safe, effective and systematically designed to replicate the effects of the Adipex and Phentermine weight loss drugs. Phenemine Elite 37.5 white/blue tablets is a proprietary grade slimming Appetite Suppressant containing unique ingredients like the nootropic Phenylethylamine and synephrine etc. that supposedly promote extremely strong and potent weight loss effects, yet very safe, aggressive and balanced expedited weight loss results. The problem with this product is that it promises visible results in an extremely short time frame. Reducing your weight so fast may bring about serious health conditions, so the real effectiveness of Phenemine is doubtful. Overall, the product is rated 3.5 stars on eBAY and seems to be working for some people, while others complain about the side effects like nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux.

Trim Nutra Phenemine Elite HCI 37.5 mg extreme fat burner ingredients – Phenylethylamine HCI, Theobromine anhydrous, 3,7 dimethylxanthine, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine HCI, Synephrine HCI.

Phenethylamine is employed for athletic performance, depression, weight loss, and to improve mood and attention, but there is no good clinical data to compliment these uses.

Theobromine can improve energy levels and help reduce bloating and inflammation — which means it may help control your appetite & cravings. Synephrine is comparable to ephedrine in mechanism, which means synephrine could probably induce fat loss by increasing our fat burning (for fuel), and escalating heat expenditure, thus basically boosting metabolism and burning more calories.

Does Acxion show up on a drug test?

Acxion contains phentermine, which shares some characteristics with amphetamine. Due to this, with Acxion, there is possibility of it showing up as a positive reading for amphetamine on a drugs test. If you have a prescription for Acxion or some other phentermine-containing medication, a positive result should be declared negative, but for openness, it is sensible to state that you take Acxion or phentermine ahead of taking the drug test.


Although Mexican diet pills like Acxion are more extensively accessible on the global market, black market and certain online pharmacies selling it illegally, there are still disadvantages to using it like potential side effects that consumers should be aware of. Due to the severity of the adverse effects and the harm they have caused to certain individuals, phentermine has been the target of an increasing number of lawsuits. There is some evidence linking the major ingredient phentermine to negative effects, as well as the chance of overdose and withdrawal, as this chemical has potentially addictive properties. Redotex, Terfamex and Phenemine also come with their own issues, with both products producing side effects., although Phenemine is probably the safest among the three. The sibutramine pills, d master and amphetamines clobenzorex – Asenlix, Dinintel, Finedal and Rexigen aka Medix pills may also be selling from Mexico, and illegally from online pharmacies, while being banned in the USA. Some pharmacies like might be selling drugs for which prescriptions are required in USA. Consumers should be aware of the legality of the Mexican diet products & the potential side effects they come with. FDA has sent out warning letters to some pharmacies selling prescription drugs without prescription. [Source: ]

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